Biography of David Thomas Hardy

I was born in Evansville, Indiana in 1953 to Maurice Harden Hardy and Lorzella June Hardy. We lived in rural Darmstadt, Indiana,15 miles north of Evansville until I was 16 years of age and when my parents divorced . My mother and I then moved into the city of Evansville, Indiana.

When I was 11 new neighbors moved into the next farm . The lady of the house was a famous artist by the name of Evelyn Riggs. She later remarried and became Evelyn Steinkuhl and she gave me my inspiration and the drive to try my hand at Art.

My first challenge was to take a picture of dogs playing cards on a match book cover and blow it up into a larger pencil drawing. I did and it looked exactly like the photo. I was hooked on Art.

My next try at Art was a mural of dogwood trees and branches on my bedroom walls. The mural came out beautifully and everyone loved it.

After that I did many small drawings and paintings, cards for birthdays and anniversaries and a painting of roses for my Mother.

After I entered High School I took Art classes where I started to explore other media's and materials. I found that I loved all kinds of Art, and my talents flourished.

I entered a Tri-State Art contest in 1970 where I won all three of the top Awards and received a scholarship to college and local Newspapers and TV Stations did several specials on my life and talents.

In 1971 I started college where I took many advanced Art classes, majoring in Art and Education. After graduation I taught at a local Elementary School for a while and then, in 1977, I moved away from Indiana and explored others areas. Even though I lived in many places across the United States I still tried to keep up with my Art studies, taking classes in different colleges as well as private studios.

Currently I've been enjoying an upsurge in my painting and I've had a lot of fun creating new pieces There always is more to learn and I intend to keep trying until I they pry the brushes from my fingers. I have started this Web site to share my Art works with the world.

Thank you for viewing.