Welcome to my art portfolio website

This site features many of my paintings. My personal style ranges from abstract, contemporary through modern. Please browse through the various galleries. Pieces available for sale are shown along with their prices.

Should you desire additional information on any particular art pieces please and I will respond quickly.


And now for some of my latest works ...

Artist Statement

If you never try anything in your life you will never know what you are capable of doing.

My outlook on my Art is "I can't fail". If things I am doing are not going the way I want I change them. My Art is a great way for me to relax and escape the pressures of life and work. It gives my self-esteem a huge boost. It also challenges me in new ways with each piece I work on.

I think all of us have talents that we have not yet explored. I hope you will try all you can in your life. I don't want to take my last breath here on Earth wondering "What if I had tried to do more in my life? Did I do everything I could to be my happiest and most fulfilled while I can?" Did I use all the talents God gave me to the best of my ability? Did you?

I wish for all of you to be happy and fulfilled with all you have been given in life.

Love, David Thomas Hardy